The Road to Baby

So we’ve finally gotten to official word.  IVF or nothing.  Without having IVF our chances of actually having a baby are next to nil.  So I guess it’s baby or bust time!

Now all we have to do is raise at least $10,000.00 to pay for our first IVF treatment.  Hopefully all we’ll need is one, but I’m realistic and realize this may not be the case. BUT what I am thinking is that maybe YOU could help.  If everybody who views this page could donate, say $1.00, and we can get at least 10,000 page hits with everyone donating at least $1.00 we might stand a chance at our dream of becoming parents!!

So if you have it in your heart (and your wallet) to donate just $1.00 towards our parenthood dream and then share this page with anyone you can, my husband and I would so very much appreciate it!

I’ve also opened our own CafePress shop selling all sorts of items for you to check out and (hopefully) buy!   So check it out!

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