Which Resort?

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Ok now that we’ve made the decision to stay on Disney property, we need to narrow down the resort options and find the one that is best for you.


Walt Disney World offers more than 20 hotels for you to choose from. They help make this decision easier for you by breaking these hotels into several categories. The categories are: Value, Moderate, Deluxe, Deluxe Villas, Cabins and Campgrounds.


The Value hotels are just what they sound like; these are the most affordable resorts Disney offers for guests to stay at. The room sizes are the smallest on property but, but for the amount of time you spend in your room while at Walt Disney World, size doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. If you are bringing a large family to Disney and want to stay together, this option may not be the best choice for you, however. There are currently four Disney value resorts with a fifth one to open later in 2012.

These Value hotels offer the lowest price tags on Disney property but still come with all the main Disney amenities, such as free transportation (which I CANNOT speak highly enough of). All of these resorts are brightly colored and have huge themes with each of them. Disney’s All Star Movies resort is full of classic icons from Disney movies:


Disney’s All Stars Sports resort features classic sporting icons:


Disney’s All Star Music resort features classic music icons:

Disney’s Pop Century resort features decades from the 20th century:


And coming later on this year in 2012 is the Art of Animation resort which will feature characters from classic Disney and Pixar films:


Every family can find a Value resort that fits their tastes. I hear the best things about Disney’s Pop Century resort. It is the newest resort until Art of Animation opens later this year and seems to be the best option out of the values. It has its own dedication bus stop that it doesn’t share, unlike the rest of the values, it has a great food court and I hear the layout and noise level are both extremely nice. If you want to stay on Disney property and save the most money on your rooms, you definitely want to stay here. Again you might pay a little more than an off-property resort but being on Disney property for the entirety of your vacation and being able to use Disney amenities make the little extra very worth it!

The Moderate Resorts

The next “level” of resort hotels at Walt Disney world is considered their Moderate resorts. There are four resorts that are considered to be the moderate resorts. These resorts are The Caribbean Beach resort, the Coronado Springs resort, the Port Orleans French Quarter resort, and the Port Orleans Riverside resort. These hotels come with a slightly high price tag than their Value counterparts, but also with more amenities as well. These resorts have multiple pools of varying décor and size; in addition to counter service restaurants which are a food-court style of eating, they all have at least one table service restaurant where you are seated and waited on; all their rooms come standard with a mini-fridge; and they have larger rooms than the value resorts. These resorts also offer rooms with king size beds, where the values do not.

Some moderate resorts offer themed rooms such as Pirate themed rooms at the Caribbean Beach resort or the new Royal themed rooms at the Port Orleans Rivers resort. The Pirate themed rooms take their inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and movies and feature pirate ship beds, and barrel shaped tables. The Royal themed rooms take their inspiration from the movie The Princess and the Frog and feature led lights in the headboards and lush royal inspired bedding and décor.


This level of resort is my person favorite, particularly for my husband and me. While the value resorts are typically full of families with children and a little bit louder; the moderate resorts, while still geared towards family and children, seem to have a milder and more relaxing aura about them. The grounds themselves are more spacious and lend to the quieter air. This makes a nicer retreat on a vacation without children of your own. These resorts sit at the mid-tier price range for Disney resorts which still make them affordable while giving you access to more wonderful amenities.


Next we’ll discuss the Deluxe Resort accomodations.

Where do you want to stay?

Now that you have an idea on when you want to go to the Walt Disney World resort, the next importation decision to make is where you want to stay.

Your first major decision is if you are going to want to stay on Disney property or do you want to stay off property? There are a lot of selections for both decisions. Off property hotels range from one to four star hotels and are anything from well-known chain hotels to mom and pop owned motels. You can really find any accommodation to fit your needs. If you do stay off of Disney property your main concern is going to be transportation. Some resorts will offer shuttle buses to and from Disney Parks, however the availability can be sketchy, and the bus times may not work with your schedule. You could rent your own vehicle at an additional expense and then have to pay for parking; or you can hire a cab or taxi when you need it, again at your own additional expense.

Resorts on the Disney property really have all the conveniences you could want on your vacation. They offer free transportation to all the parks, with each destination having a bus running to and from all the parks and resorts at around 15 minute intervals. Sometimes it can take longer, especially during Peak Season when buses can fill up quickly, or it could be significantly less time depending on how many buses are running and how popular a park or resort is at that time. Disney resorts all offer several dining options as well as entertainment, pool (s), and concierge services to make or change any dining or show reservations for you, some resorts offer room service, while all offer pizza delivery, and luggage service.

I personally very highly recommend staying on Disney property, although the room prices may be higher than off property, the amenities you have access to are well worth the extra money. Peace of mind on your vacation makes your time spent at Disney so much more relaxing. I have heard many horror stories about staying at an off-site property and although I have no personal experience staying off property; I would never want to subject myself to the worry about my hotel accommodations. You are, after all, trying to take a fun, relaxing vacation, and who wants to add stress?


Now that you’ve made the decision to stay at a Disney resort (and I really hope that you have) you’ll need to decide which resort you want to stay in. We’ll talk about those options next.

Disney Vacation Planning

So you’ve decided you want to take a vacation to the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando Florida? Congratulations! This is going to be one of the most comprehensive and immersive vacation you will ever likely take! Walt Disney World is the happiest place on earth, and I’m certain that you won’t be disappointed.

That being said, a Walt Disney World vacation has many different aspects you have to take into consideration before you book your vacation. When do you want to go? Where do you want to stay? What do you want to see? Where do you want to eat? Disney offers several different vacation packages that can include nearly any combination of the above questions as you can think of, so let’s start to try to answer some of these questions now.

When do you want to go?

This is actually a pretty important question. Disney has three separate “seasons” that not only effect park attendance levels, but also room prices. Each of these seasons has their own pros and cons. Of course, you will go when you are actually able to take a vacation, but know what ‘season’ you are attending during will help you to plan accordingly. Major peak season is right around the major holidays, spring break, and summer break. Not only will park attendance be high, increasing ride wait time; but your room prices will be at their peak. However, this is when the vast majority of all rides and attractions are available. There will be few ride refurbishments going on; and of course this is when most people are able to or want to go.

Value season at Disney world is as close to opposite of the peak season as you can get, this season occurs mostly right after New Year’s until spring and then in the fall around hurricane season. Attendance is much lower, and room prices hit their bottom. The tradeoff of is that the majority of refurbishment on attractions is going on, so your favorite ride might be closed for your entire vacation and one or both of the water parks may be closed for the duration of your stay as well. This is also the ‘value’ season for a reason, this time frame is pretty inconvenient for most people. With work and school in session is can be hard to time the time to go, however if you really want to save some money and not have to deal with large crowds; this is a great time to go.

Now everything else not defined as “Peak” or “Value” is the regular season. It’s about the mid-range of both worlds. Most, if not all, of the attractions are available, the crowds typically aren’t ridiculous, and room prices are in their average range. If you can’t make it during Value season, I highly recommend trying to visit during the regular season. You still save some money while not really having to sacrifice any experiences to do so.


Here are Disney’s 2012 seasons:


Disney Value Resorts & Disney Moderate Resorts:

Value Season: Jan 2-4; Jan 8 – Jan 12; Jan 16 – Feb 15; Aug 5 – Sept 27

Marathon Rate: Jan 5 -7

Regular Season: Feb 26 – March 8; April 15 – May 31

Summer Season: June 1 – Aug 4

Fall Season: Sept 28 – Oct 4, Oct 8 – Nov 16 ; Nov 24 – Dec 20

Peak Season: Feb 16; Feb 20 – 25; March 9 – March 31

Holiday Season: Jan 13-15 ; Feb 17-19 ; April 1-14 ; Oct 5-7 ; Nov 17-23 ; Dec 21-31


Disney Deluxe Resorts:

Value Season: Jan 2-4; Jan 8 – Jan 12; Jan 16 – Feb 15; July 15 – Aug 17; Aug 18 – Sept 27

Marathon Rate: Jan 5 -7

Regular Season: Feb 26 – March 8; April 15 – July 14 ; Sept 28 – Oct 4 ; Oct 8 – 19

Summer Season: June 1 – Aug 4

Fall Season: Oct 20 – Nov 18 ; Nov 23 – Dec 20

Peak Season: Feb 16; Feb 20 – 25; March 9 – March 31

Holiday Season: Jan 13-15 ; Feb 17-19 ; April 1-14 ; Oct 5-7 ; Nov 19-22 ; Dec 21-31


Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts:

Value Season: Jan 2 -4 ; Jan 8 – Feb 15 ; July 14 – Aug 17 ; Aug 18 – Sept 26

Marathon Rate: Jan 5 -7

Regular Season: Feb 26 – March 8 ; April 15 – July 13 ; Sept 27 – Oct 19

Fall Season: Oct 20 – Nov 18 ; Nov 23 – Dec 20

Peak Season: Feb 16 – 25 ; March 9 – April 14

Holiday Season: Nov 19 – 22 ; Dec 21 – 31


Disney Campsites for Fort Wilderness:

Value Season: Jan 2 -4 ; Jan 8-12; Jan 16 – Feb 15; Aug 5 – Oct 4;

Marathon Rate: Jan 5 – 7

Regular Season: April 15 – Aug 4

Peak Season: Feb 16; Feb 20 – March 31

Pre-Holiday: Oct 8 – Nov 15 ; Nov 24 – Dec 20

Holiday Season: Jan 13-15 ; Feb 17-19 ; April 1-14 ; Oct 5-7 ; Nov 16-23 ; Dec 21-31


Disney Cabins for Fort Wilderness:

Value Season: Jan 2 -4 ; Jan 8-12; Jan 16 – Feb 15 ;July 15 – Aug 17 ; Aug 18 – Sept 27

Marathon Rate: Jan 5 -7

Regular Season: Feb 26 – March 8 ; April 15 – July 14 ; Sept 28 – Oct 4; Oct 8-19

Fall Season: Oct 20 – Nov 18 ; Nov 23 – Dec 20

Peak Season: Feb 16 ; Feb 20 -25 ; March 9 – 31

Holiday Season: Jan 13-15 ; Feb 17-19 ; April 1-14 ; Oct 5-7 ; Nov 19-22 ; Dec 21-31


So now that we have an idea about when we want to go, next we’ll talk about where you want to stay.

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