The Plan Thus Far..

Hey those of you who are reading this!  My life has sure changed a lot in the last couple of years – and yet has stayed oddly the same too.  I’m a stay-at-home Wife (I think that sounds so much better than Housewife – thanks to all the reality tv shows out there!), home-maker, Travel Agent (which I’m FABULOUS as BTW – so hit me up!), and general aspiring business woman.  I have both an Etsy shop and an Amazon web-store, plus some listings on eBay.  Apparently I just have to stay insanely busy!  Oh and I’ve started couponing!  I’m NOTHING like those Extreme Couponers you see on those shows (yet), but I’m working on it.  Working at home made me feel like I was giving away our money if I didn’t give this a try!  Plus as of right now I’m almost 55 lbs skinnier than I was just a few months ago!


Maybe someday soon I’ll have to change this blog title to Not-So-Chubby Girls…!


So in and amongst all of my crazy life happenings, I, of course, still desperately want to be a Mother to a real life tiny human.  While I love my four-legged, furry daughter to pieces – I’m hoping to have one with a little less hair!  With having surgery only a few short months ago, it’s not recommended that we “try” to get pregnant until at least a year post-surgery.  We’re not trying to prevent pregnancy at all – heck we haven’t tried to prevent pregnancy for the last 6 years, I’m certainly not going to do something about it now!   I’m hoping that this dramatic weight loss will help with my PCOS.  I do have this niggling voice in the back of my head screaming at me that I was diagnosed with PCOS in High School at some 100 lbs less than what I weigh even now, so the weight thing might in fact NOT help us out in that way.  Here’s to hoping though.

My husband’s thyroid seems to be steadily improving. As of his last endocrinologist appointment, they reduced his meds again – so hopefully *fingers crossed* we get his thyroid “fixed” and his count increases. (PLEASE, oh please, oh please!!)  If that’s the case, I’m going to wait the required year post-surgery and then  head back down to our RE to get a program back in place.

So in just under a year, I’m hoping to get back into injectables and ultra-sounds and waiting by the phone for results and more results and praying and crying and hopefully – hopefully a little tiny being growing inside of me.  At least I’ll feel like we have a shot.  More so than we’ve had yet, since every doctor we’ve seen has pretty much told us our only chance at having a family of our own would be through IVF.  We don’t have that kind of money. Period.

So that’s the plan.  Our road sure is a bumpy one, isn’t it?


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