The End is Here

Well the end of this semester’s blog project is upon us and this shall be my last blog for this class.  While I have enjoyed keeping up with my blog as well as I have, I won’t be sorry for the pressure to write to be gone.  This experience did teach me how to focus and buckle down harder with my writing, however I don’t like the pressure of having to write for writing’s sake.  And although I like it when I know that people are reading what I am writing, I don’t necessarily like to be critiqued in my writing, it just seems like an added pressure.  I don’t know, I guess it’s really just me because I would like to be able to write for a living and I would be subjected to just this; time deadlines and editor critiques, but I still don’t particularly like that aspect of writing.

So for now, it is over.  I will keep this blog as I have had if for quite some time before this particular class and intend to keep it for quite some time after this class but I will now relish the freedom writing for myself whenever I have to about whatever I want to gives me.  I am appreciative for this experience in any case and I hope that this has made me a better writer and a better student.


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