Water Parks and Arcades

The next ticket option you can add on to your base Walt Disney World resort ticket is the Water Park Fun & More option. With this option you will then have access to both of the Disney water parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach) as well as entrance into DisneyQuest which is Disney’s version on an arcade. One that is three stories high and includes virtual games and 3D “rides.”

You get as many visits as days on your base ticket. So if you have a 5 day base ticket you’ll get 5 admissions to the water parks and DisneyQuest.

This option works well if you’re brining older kids/teens, taking a longer vacation, or taking an adults-only vacation. While there are options for the little ones at both waters parks and the arcade; it is geared more towards the older kids and kids at heart.

While the hotel resorts all offer amazing pools to lounge at and swim in, if you want a little more adventurous water activities these water parks are right up our alley! They are a lot of super-soaked fun, but you definitely need to have time for it.

This is another added expense to your base ticket and worth it at an added $55 flat rate total compared to a day ticket for a water park at $90. So if you think you want to go at all or especially multiple times it’s worth it to add this option to your base ticket. Again this is only a bargain if you plan on using it. Don’t waste your money when it could be spent elsewhere if you don’t plan on using it.


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