To Hop or Not to Hop

With your resort picked out, the next biggest decision is to park hop or not to park hop. What is park hopping you ask? Park hopping is having the ability to enter more than one of the four Disney World theme parks in the same day.

Why would you want to go to multiple parks in one day? There are many reasons for this. Maybe you only have a short amount of time at The Walt Disney World Resorts and want to see all the major highlights. Taking advantage of the park hopper passes will allow you to spend the morning in one park and the evening at another one if you so choose. Possibly you’re just dying to try a restaurant at Epcot but you’re spending your day today at Hollywood Studios, with a park hopper pass you can literally hop over (via bus or boat or you own vehicle) to Epcot, have dinner, and either stay where you’re at or hop back on over to Hollywood studios.

Another good reason for park hopping is the night time shows that occur several times a week at the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot and you don’t want to miss any of these shows; but in planning out your Disney itinerary, you may not be able to work it to spend the day at the park that is having their nighttime show that evening, so you need to travel to the park that is have a show that night, so you would need a park hopper ticket in order to do so.


These tickets can be great but I caution only purchase this option if you’re going to use it otherwise you’re really just wasting a chunk of money that could be spent elsewhere for your vacation. This is a convenience choice, you do not need to have park hopper tickets, but they can make your vacation much more convenient.

Now reasons you wouldn’t want a park hopper pass. If you are going to Walt Disney World with small children they will be wiped out from the excitement and the sheer amount of walking (riding) around they’ll be doing in just one park that you probably will have no need to see another park in the same day. Not to mention the hassle of packing the kids up and getting them transported to another park then unloaded again and ready to hit it again at another park. This would be an enormous task to accomplish without losing patience. Or if you are being budget conscious about your vacation, this is definitely an added expense. It is possible to see and do everything that you want to do in one day while staying in just one park. This will take a bit more planning to make sure you go to the right parks on the right days, but it is doable.


So when it comes down to it, the park hopper pass is a convenience option, but not a necessary one. It can be used to your advantage if you choose to pay for it, but it is also possible to vacation without this option.


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