The Plan Thus Far..

Hey those of you who are reading this!  My life has sure changed a lot in the last couple of years – and yet has stayed oddly the same too.  I’m a stay-at-home Wife (I think that sounds so much better than Housewife – thanks to all the reality tv shows out there!), home-maker, Travel Agent (which I’m FABULOUS as BTW – so hit me up!), and general aspiring business woman.  I have both an Etsy shop and an Amazon web-store, plus some listings on eBay.  Apparently I just have to stay insanely busy!  Oh and I’ve started couponing!  I’m NOTHING like those Extreme Couponers you see on those shows (yet), but I’m working on it.  Working at home made me feel like I was giving away our money if I didn’t give this a try!  Plus as of right now I’m almost 55 lbs skinnier than I was just a few months ago!


Maybe someday soon I’ll have to change this blog title to Not-So-Chubby Girls…!


So in and amongst all of my crazy life happenings, I, of course, still desperately want to be a Mother to a real life tiny human.  While I love my four-legged, furry daughter to pieces – I’m hoping to have one with a little less hair!  With having surgery only a few short months ago, it’s not recommended that we “try” to get pregnant until at least a year post-surgery.  We’re not trying to prevent pregnancy at all – heck we haven’t tried to prevent pregnancy for the last 6 years, I’m certainly not going to do something about it now!   I’m hoping that this dramatic weight loss will help with my PCOS.  I do have this niggling voice in the back of my head screaming at me that I was diagnosed with PCOS in High School at some 100 lbs less than what I weigh even now, so the weight thing might in fact NOT help us out in that way.  Here’s to hoping though.

My husband’s thyroid seems to be steadily improving. As of his last endocrinologist appointment, they reduced his meds again – so hopefully *fingers crossed* we get his thyroid “fixed” and his count increases. (PLEASE, oh please, oh please!!)  If that’s the case, I’m going to wait the required year post-surgery and then  head back down to our RE to get a program back in place.

So in just under a year, I’m hoping to get back into injectables and ultra-sounds and waiting by the phone for results and more results and praying and crying and hopefully – hopefully a little tiny being growing inside of me.  At least I’ll feel like we have a shot.  More so than we’ve had yet, since every doctor we’ve seen has pretty much told us our only chance at having a family of our own would be through IVF.  We don’t have that kind of money. Period.

So that’s the plan.  Our road sure is a bumpy one, isn’t it?

Time Warp

Well hello. It’s been quite some time since I’ve written on here. So very short and quick update. Still no children, not pregnant either. Nadda. We started seeing a new RE back in January and while I liked him, we’ve gotten no further in our struggles. Taking another Baby Break.

In August of this year I had Vertical Gastric Sleeve surgery. I am 2 1/2 months post op and down 42lbs. I’m hoping that this weight loss might help us to start our family.

I became a Travel Agent last year and quit my job at the bank just before my surgery. I’m not quite making enough money yet to have justified that dramatic move, but I’m working my tail off trying to make it work.

So that’s where my life sort of is right now. Maybe I’ll finally start picking this blog back up. You never know, right?

The End is Here

Well the end of this semester’s blog project is upon us and this shall be my last blog for this class.  While I have enjoyed keeping up with my blog as well as I have, I won’t be sorry for the pressure to write to be gone.  This experience did teach me how to focus and buckle down harder with my writing, however I don’t like the pressure of having to write for writing’s sake.  And although I like it when I know that people are reading what I am writing, I don’t necessarily like to be critiqued in my writing, it just seems like an added pressure.  I don’t know, I guess it’s really just me because I would like to be able to write for a living and I would be subjected to just this; time deadlines and editor critiques, but I still don’t particularly like that aspect of writing.

So for now, it is over.  I will keep this blog as I have had if for quite some time before this particular class and intend to keep it for quite some time after this class but I will now relish the freedom writing for myself whenever I have to about whatever I want to gives me.  I am appreciative for this experience in any case and I hope that this has made me a better writer and a better student.


As this is the last week for our blogging exercise, I don’t feel the need to be as structured as I have been. And although I plan on continuing my posts about planning a Disney World vacation, today I’m just going to blog. I am 44 days away from my own Walt Disney World vacation and I am chomping at the bit. Figuratively at least. I find my mind wandering to Florida on a daily basis and all this beautiful warm weather we’ve been having hasn’t helped me out one bit. I feel like I should actually be in Florida right now with this weather, not in Clare, Michigan. March in mid-Michigan is usually snowy and cold, certainly now shorts and flip-flops weather; and yet here we are busting out the summer clothes. This actually poses a problem for me as I am a bit of planner and started laying out clothes for our upcoming vacation at about 67 days out from vacation. Last year this strategy worked out well since normally I didn’t even think about my tank tops or shorts until after we were back from vacation. Those clothes were fine sitting out on the spare bed until I packed them up a couple days before we left. So this year I start this same routine, only now I’m sneaking into the spare room and pulling things out to wear. I’m having to limit myself. NO WEARING OF DISNEY CLOTHES. I do actually own other summer clothes, but hadn’t gotten them out yet, for reasons already explained, so I’ve had to dig some of those out for now.

My obsession isn’t limited to my “Disney wardrobe” either (although I do have to make two more shopping trips to complete my wardrobe wishlist for this trip), I am crafting envelopes for put the tips for our housekeeping – or mousekeeping – service, I am making my packing list and checking it twice or three, or well, lots of times; I’m making a list of all the things I have to do before we leave for vacation, I’m watching anything and everything I can get my hands on that has to do with Disney World, I’ve made and need to print our daily Disney World itinerary, etc. etc. I think you get the idea. I am consumed with Disney fever.

As silly as it may seem, my obsession with our Disney vacation is actually keeping me sane. The rest of my life has me stressed out, so for now I can throw myself into vacation planning and put my head into a better place. It’s like those people who when they get mad, they clean. When I can’t take it anymore, I plan my Disney vacation. Some days I wish I was a cleaner, but being a Disney planner isn’t so bad either. Here’s to a very quick next 44 days so I can find some much needed relief!

Water Parks and Arcades

The next ticket option you can add on to your base Walt Disney World resort ticket is the Water Park Fun & More option. With this option you will then have access to both of the Disney water parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach) as well as entrance into DisneyQuest which is Disney’s version on an arcade. One that is three stories high and includes virtual games and 3D “rides.”

You get as many visits as days on your base ticket. So if you have a 5 day base ticket you’ll get 5 admissions to the water parks and DisneyQuest.

This option works well if you’re brining older kids/teens, taking a longer vacation, or taking an adults-only vacation. While there are options for the little ones at both waters parks and the arcade; it is geared more towards the older kids and kids at heart.

While the hotel resorts all offer amazing pools to lounge at and swim in, if you want a little more adventurous water activities these water parks are right up our alley! They are a lot of super-soaked fun, but you definitely need to have time for it.

This is another added expense to your base ticket and worth it at an added $55 flat rate total compared to a day ticket for a water park at $90. So if you think you want to go at all or especially multiple times it’s worth it to add this option to your base ticket. Again this is only a bargain if you plan on using it. Don’t waste your money when it could be spent elsewhere if you don’t plan on using it.

To Hop or Not to Hop

With your resort picked out, the next biggest decision is to park hop or not to park hop. What is park hopping you ask? Park hopping is having the ability to enter more than one of the four Disney World theme parks in the same day.

Why would you want to go to multiple parks in one day? There are many reasons for this. Maybe you only have a short amount of time at The Walt Disney World Resorts and want to see all the major highlights. Taking advantage of the park hopper passes will allow you to spend the morning in one park and the evening at another one if you so choose. Possibly you’re just dying to try a restaurant at Epcot but you’re spending your day today at Hollywood Studios, with a park hopper pass you can literally hop over (via bus or boat or you own vehicle) to Epcot, have dinner, and either stay where you’re at or hop back on over to Hollywood studios.

Another good reason for park hopping is the night time shows that occur several times a week at the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot and you don’t want to miss any of these shows; but in planning out your Disney itinerary, you may not be able to work it to spend the day at the park that is having their nighttime show that evening, so you need to travel to the park that is have a show that night, so you would need a park hopper ticket in order to do so.


These tickets can be great but I caution only purchase this option if you’re going to use it otherwise you’re really just wasting a chunk of money that could be spent elsewhere for your vacation. This is a convenience choice, you do not need to have park hopper tickets, but they can make your vacation much more convenient.

Now reasons you wouldn’t want a park hopper pass. If you are going to Walt Disney World with small children they will be wiped out from the excitement and the sheer amount of walking (riding) around they’ll be doing in just one park that you probably will have no need to see another park in the same day. Not to mention the hassle of packing the kids up and getting them transported to another park then unloaded again and ready to hit it again at another park. This would be an enormous task to accomplish without losing patience. Or if you are being budget conscious about your vacation, this is definitely an added expense. It is possible to see and do everything that you want to do in one day while staying in just one park. This will take a bit more planning to make sure you go to the right parks on the right days, but it is doable.


So when it comes down to it, the park hopper pass is a convenience option, but not a necessary one. It can be used to your advantage if you choose to pay for it, but it is also possible to vacation without this option.

The Deluxe Resorts

The Disney Deluxe Resorts and Villas

This is the last level of resorts I’ll be discussing with you in depth. There is another level of resorts of DVC members (Disney Vacation Club) however for those of you who this is the first or second time you’re going to Walt Disney World resort, DVC probably isn’t right for you yet. DVC is a vacation time-share option and I don’t recommend this option unless you’re an extreme die-hard Disney World fan, even so it is a HUGE monetary commitment that lasts nearly a lifetime. So for sake of the “quick” Disney planning series we’ll only skim over that option a little later on.

Now Disney offers Deluxe Resorts and Villas and they are very deluxe. There are 10 Resorts in this category and they are as follows:

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort

Walt Disney World Dolphin

Walt Disney World Swan


In addition to the other amenities Disney offers to all their resort guests, the guests of Disney Deluxe resorts all have more immediate access to shopping, health clubs, beauty services, as well as having the option of room service.

Of course being a deluxe resort comes with a deluxe price and you will pay top dollar for these resorts. However, as with any of the Disney resorts, you get your monies worth!

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